EvE Knife Patch Notes
EvE Knife Patch Notes

Latest Release

2021-01-30 - Version 0.03 - Bug crushing


  • Made contract page more eye pleasing and clearer.
  • Added latest EDENCOM skills and ships to database.


  • Fixed skill id's on some skills, this caused skill queue to show wrong skills in it.
  • Fixed url based access granting.
  • Updated ESI format when fetching access to some scopes.
Incoming - Version 0.04 - The Skilling

Previous Releases

2020-04-27 - Version 0.02 - Tuning


  • Added navigation bar to Manage Access page.
  • Added current corporation and alliance logos.
  • Added current corporation and alliance zKillboard and EvE Who links.
  • Added Overview and Scope links to character menu.


  • Fixed and updated couple of character information pages.
  • Made Scope modify and Character view buttons much more clearer.
  • Fixed few failing jobs (caused queue to loop, also made it very slow).
2020-04-26 - Version 0.01 - Initial Release


  • Took ESI Knife source and made it work on this site.
  • Some preparations for EvE Knife.
  • Layout changes.
  • ESI Knife source bug fixes.
  • First Release of EvE Knife!
2020-04-25 - The Idea of EvE Knife and features I have planned for it

I had this idea which can be based on ESI Knife by David Davaham.
Here is some main features I have planned for it.

  • All features from ESI Knife, including character information viewing, sharing and management.

  • Improved character information view. (Bug fixes and additions compared to ESI Knife).

  • Recomendations for skills to train, based on skill presets that user can select. e.g. PvP, PvE, Industry and Exploration.

  • Qualifications for Pilots, e.g. on Gunnery or Missiles.
    Qualifications can be as detailed as possible, there can be sub groups like Sniping, Close Range(Brawling), Hybrid Turrets etc.
    Maybe even sub groups for that, like Blasters, Railguns and so on.

  • Give as much information for new players as possible, who doesn't know much about the game yet.

  • Explain why skills are important for something, like what skills you need for the certain modules.
    Maybe explain why certain modules are crucial for some type of fits and tactics too.