About EvE Knife
Thanks for coming to EvE Knife website. This page will answer a few questions about it.


Who am I?

  • My main character on EvE is Ravenis.
  • I'm indie game developer IRL.
  • My main project is a MMORPG called Hadelmia.
  • I have been developing all kind of softwares, games and apps for over 20 years now.
  • I'm from Finland.

What is EvE Knife?

    EvE Knife a site to give information about the EvE Online and help with skill planning in it.
    I made it mainly for new players, but i think and hope it will be good tool for veterans too.
    It is based on ESI Knife, a version of the famous Jackknife application that was built on top of CCP's XML/Crest API. ESI Knife was built on top of CCP's new API, the Eve Swagger Interface, better known as ESI.
    These things are and will be included in EvE Knife:
  • All features from ESI Knife, including ccharacter information viewing, sharing and management.

  • Improved character information view. (Bug fixes and additions compared to ESI Knife).

  • Recomendations for skills to train, based on skill presets that user can select. e.g. PvP, PvE, Industry and Exploration.

  • Qualifications for Pilots, e.g. on Gunnery or Missiles.
    Qualifications can be as detailed as possible, there can be sub groups like Sniping, Close Range(Brawling), Hybrid Turrets etc.
    Maybe even sub groups for that, like Blasters, Railguns and so on.

  • Give as much information for new players as possible, who doesn't know much about the game yet.

  • Explain why skills are important for something, like what skills you need for the certain modules.
    Maybe explain why certain modules are crucial for some type of fits and tactics too.

  • And probably much more when I'm done :)

What was Jackknife?

    It allowed a player to share information about their character(s) with other characters in game, without having to give away usernames and passwords or any screenshots/copy paste routine.
    It was a very popular tool among corporation recruiters and CEO's to evaluate a character prior to allowing them to join their corporation.

Why to build EvE Knife?

    I have been playing EvE since 2006 January. Even now, when CCP has made much better tutorials and information is easier to find than in 2006, EvE is still very hard game for new players.
    Goal for EvE Knife will be to ease skill planning and to give as much information about the game as possible.

Want to chat with me?

    Want to talk about EvE Knife? EvE? or Code in general?
    Do you have a feature request or bug to report?
    You just want to say hi?
    Come chat with me on Discord by clicking the button below!
    Join Ravenis' EvE Online Channel

I regret ever login in the EvE Knife and I want to delete my data, how can I do that?

    You can revoke your token and purge data from EvE Knife on settings page.
    Click here to visit your settings page.
    From there you can navigate to the token page and delete it.

I need to share my information with a corporation recruiter. How do I do that?

    To share your data with another EVE Player and Character, the character must have had logged in to the EvE Knife. They do not need to authorize any scopes, just need to have of logged in. Once that is done, go to your settings page by clicking here, click manage access and then type their name exactly as it appears in-game.

    If you have any issues with this feature, please Join the Ravenis' EvE Online Channel